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Copyright (c) 2019 Innovative Supply Source Inc.

Mil-Specs not all inclusive 


MIL-*-22992 Heavy Duty-Cylindrical

MS17340 thru MS17350, MS18062, MS90555 thru MS90569


MIL-*-23329 (RF) Connector      

M23329/1 thru M23329/5


MIL-DTL-24308 D-Sub




MIL-*-26482 Series 1 Miniature-Circular

MS3110 thru MS3128, MS3180 thru MS3181

MS3440 thru MS3449


MIL-*-26482  Series 2 Miniature—Circular

MS3470 thru MS3479


MIL-DTL-26500 (Threaded/Bayonet)

MS24264, MS24265, MS24266


MIL-DTL-26482 Series II  

MS3180, MS3181, MS3470 thru MS3476


MIL-DTL-28748 Rectangular

M28748/9, 10


MIL-*-28840 High Dens.-Circ.& Accessories

M28840/1 thru M28840/30


MIL-*-28876 Fiber Optic-Circ. Accessories

M28876/1 thru M28876/29


MIL-*-29504 Fiber Optic Termini

M29504/01 thru M29504/15  


MIL-DTL- 32139 Nano



MIL-DTL-38999 Series I

MS27466 thru MS27661      


MIL-DTL-38999 Series II 

M38999/9 thru M38999/10


MIL-DTL-38999 Series III 

D38999/20 thru 33, D38999/40 thru /49


MIL-*-39012 Coaxial (RF)                          

M39012/01 thru M39012/128

MIL-*-49142 Triaxial (RF)

M49142/03 thru M49142/12


MIL-DTL-5015 Front and Rear Release      

MS3100 thru MS3459            

MS25042 thru MS25183


MIL-*-55116 Miniature—Audio

M55116/1 thru M55116/14


MIL-*-55181 Power, Audio

M55181/1 thru M55181/8



55302/21-22, 55-64, 55302/127-128

55302/138-139, 161, 55302/164, 190-193


MIL-*-55339 Coaxial (RF)

M55339/01 thru M55339/53


MIL-*-81551 High Density-Circular  

M81511/01 thru M81511/56


MIL-*-81969 Tools, Insertion-Extraction

M81969/1 thru M81969/39


MIL-*-83513 Rectangular, Micro Miniature

M83513/01 thru M83513/27


MIL-*-83522 Fiber Optic Connector (ST)

M83522/16 thru M83522/17


MIL-DTL-83723 Series III

M83723/16 thru M83723/26,

M83723/65 thru M83723/98


MIL-*-85049 Connector Accessories

M85049/1 thru M85049/96



WC596/11 thru WC596/18, WC596/26,

WC596/29, WC596/33, WC596/35 thru 212      


Specialty Connector Lines

Reverse Bayonet

ESCO04 (Rolls Royce)

Rugged RJ-45

Rugged USB




M39018/01, 03, 07 


Misc. Electronics Components

MIL-*-12883 Relay Sockets

M12883/40 and /41

M12883/44 thru /56


MIL-*-22520 Crimp Tools/Dies/Positioners      

M22520/1 thru M22520/36


MIL-*-23053 Insulation Sleeving

M23053/1 thru 18


MIL-*-24758 Shielding Conduit & Fittings

M24758/1 thru M24758/19


MIL-*-39016 Electromagnetic Relays

M39016/6 thru M39016/32

M39016/34 thru M39016/38

M39016/34 thru M39016/38

M39016/34 thru M39016/38


MIL-*-39029 Electrical Contacts, Contact Adapters

M39029/1 thru M39029/112


MIL-*-5757 Electromagnetic Relays

M6106/9 thru/13, M6106/15,

M6106/19 thru /20, M6106/26, M6106/31-33,

M6106/38-41, M6106/43, M6106/48


MIL-*-7928 Terminals, Lug: Splices, Conductor:  Crimp Style

M7928/1, M7928/4 thru M7928/7, M7928/13, MS17143, MS20659, MS25036


MIL-*-81714 Terminal Junction

M81714/1 thru M81714/69


MIL-*-83519 Shield Terminator, Solder

SAE-AS83519/1-1 thru SAE-AS83519/2-20


MIL-*-83536 Relays, Electromagnetic

M83536/1 thru M83536/2,

M83536/5 thru M83536/6

M83536/7 thru M83536/13, M83536/15 thru M83536/26, M83536/32 thru M83536/37  


MIL-*-85528 Mounting Plates

M85528/1 thru M85528/3


NAVSEA 5617 Heat Shrink Kits & Adapt.

5617635 thru 5617942-XXXX


Rotary Switches

MIL-DTL-3786/4 and /13